It's been a while since I did an introduction post. (CW for length) 


I'm Julie. The cartoon Roo what goes SQVEAK!

I play a ton of videogames and pinball, and I've had a love of them since the 70s... like, arcades were my happy place when I was growing up, so it's kind of obsession-levels...

I also have an obsessive love of cartoons, and that includes a lot of the really corny ones... old HannaBarbara goofy characters, FleischerStudios rubber-limbed black and white 'toons... love that stuff.

I also love weird. Bizzare. Freaky... but still fun.

I draw as a hobby. Sometimes I draw things for others, but it's not my profession, I don't take commissions, and my output is very linked to my depression, which I have a lot of... so a lot of my doodles come from my emotional high points and hedonistic places.

I ramble a lot about introspection and observation. I talk through my depressions, repressions, and agressions. Sometimes it's theraputic... sometimes it's spirally.

I draw naughty things... cartoony weird things... alt-gender things... inflation things... chompy Pac things... furry things... video game character things... anything I doodle like that is behind content warnings, and unless I'm following you, it won't show up in your timeline.

If that's an issue, I get that, but I'm definitely a weirdo. This is who I am and what I do, so it's what I'm gonna keep doing.

It's been a while since I did an introduction post. (CW for length) 


still a super cute kigu.

It's been a while since I did an introduction post. (CW for length) 

I wouldn't have ya any other way! Your ideas are so fun and sometimes naughty! It's awesome. The sad and depression part happens to everyone, it's nice to read about your day hear about your world and why ya feel the way you feel.

tl;dr you're super fun, don't stop being you <3

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