Lingerie (but still sfw), multi-limbed, tentacles 

CO neonazi sentenced to 19+ years 

how i came out as trans: u-um, if it would be okay.. i mean.. i'm, i'm a girl, okay..? s-sorry

how i came out as a catkin: i'm a cat, alright? if you don't like it, i have no time for you, as this is me. please support

so, after the last 6 years i learned to be assertive and confident in the right ways <3 good sign

Visions?, Unreality?, Gender dysphoria

"I’m sorry to be rude or flippant, but the next time someone tells me that my demonstrably different brain chemistry can be solved by a quick shift in socioeconomic policy, I’m going to unhinge my jaw like a fucking rancor and swallow them whole. There is no utopian vision of a communist society where developmental and learning disabilities cease to exist. Any suggestion that a post-capitalist revolution will eradicate the otherness is bordering on genocidal fan fiction"

Furry Meta (-) 

synth in a trash can with a knife 

NSFW art, furry 

Visions?, Unreality?, Gender dysphoria 

spiders should be money and here's why:

1. Instrinic Value
2. You get to meet spiders
3. the spiders get to travel the world
4. Billionaires would be statistically the most likely to be killed by a black widow
5. you can make it rain and the spiders will fly down safely via web parachute

If you're in the EU, there's a European Citizens' Initiative you can sign in favour of UBI:

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