we changed our icon. if you don't recognize us, here's our old one:

@Jnetwork I like your old icon more. It more unique and personal. The new one just looks like a logo


yeah, we wanted something that could represent all of us, but wasn't cluttered. we're not sure we're happy with this, but we decided to try it out for a bit anyway

@Agris if anyone has any ideas, we'd love to hear them


that's entirely impersonal to us, and the thought of it makes us dysphoric, so no


you couldn't have known, we didn't even know that would effect us like this before it happened

@Jnetwork Did not mean to upset you. However I don't mind sharing my body with close friends. I happen to share my arctic fox body with a spirit wolf who is able to merge with my soul into a symbiotic relationship. When we strongly don't agree on something or our thoughts do not align ( like pouncing and eating prey which is something living arctic foxes still have to do ) things can get a little weird and wobbly-feeling.


a problem that gets in the way of us representing ourselves with one body is that our 'kintypes' are fairly separate. like sure there are 4 dragons, but each have a different way of feeling 'dragon'.

@Agris actually, now we're glad you suggested it, it got us thinking about why we don't feel right representing ourselves as multi-headed

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