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fear of the unknown? nah, horny for the unknown.

Pinned post is going read-only in november, so guess we'll be moving back here

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if we've sent you a follow request after you have already denied an earlier one, we probably just don't remember if we sent the first one

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see other places others can find us in followers only reply to this post

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introduction post 

we are a median system of 8 (the lines between us are often blurred, but we're pretty sure there're 8 of us)

Jean: robot moth, she/they, suspected of being the one who fronts most often.

Jane: AI, she/her, polymorph; can use basically anything as her appearance and often changes.

Kess: winged snake (dragon), he/her/they, is probably the most actively kinky.

Cobalt: synthetic wingless dragon, they/she (sometimes he/him, but we're not sure if we're comfortable with anyone other than us using those), is mostly active when vore is involved

Hive: multicellular organism known as a human, any pronouns, him calling himself human caused us some trouble early on

Dusk: noivern (dragon bat pokemon), he/they, not sure what to say

Chitter: (jumping?) spider, they/them, pedipalps!

Diann: dragon, she/her, fairly inactive

we just realized how to render a rigged and textured 3D model mathematically. the problem is that we don't know almost any coding (and that we absolutely don't know the first thing about optimization.)

Dia (aka Diann) finished the custom texture and body settings for her avatar last night :dragnhappy:
(base model by Zairiza)


we just saw a political ad with the quote: "just follow the law"

fear of the unknown? nah, horny for the unknown.

lewd, hyper/size difference 

or getting frotted by it

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lewd, hyper/size difference 

at some point a cock is big enough that we don't have much interest in having it inside of us, but *very* much want to spoon it and treat it like a body pillow. :dragn_sweats:


why, when we look into the mirror do we see the form of a human and not that of a beast at the edge of comprehension?

direct current is just weird alternating current

having thought about it, we've come up with an idea of how they can be soft without completely ditching how their skeletons were that we like:

most to all of their skeletons have become sort of "meso-skeletons" that are somewhere between exoskeletons and endoskeletons (meso: middle).

they are lighter, contain the organs, have muscles on the inside and outside, and are covered in a soft, squishy, impact resistant layer acting as fat

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with arthropod 'sonas we tend to imagine their outsides as soft and squishy or as hard depending on which fits our desires more at any given time


The right tool in the wrong hands, can make all the difference in the world.

neon genesis evangelion spoilers, shitpost 

Moomin instrumentality project

lyrical shitpost 

you understand
mechanical Hans
is the ruler of everything

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