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Gonna start a pinned thread here about teasing us.

We do want teasing, so this will have things to know

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if we've sent you a follow request after you have already denied an earlier one, we probably just don't remember if we sent the first one

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see other places others can find us in followers only reply to this post

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introduction post 

a reminder that whether you're organizing or just sharing spaces, if you value people and their voices based on how much they do, then you are ableist and should work on that.

niche joke 


Societal Construct doesn't mean fake.

Respecting the impact of imposed labels doesn't mean enforcing them.

Your true identity is self-imposed but affected and enforced by the limitations or powers society gives you.
No one is an island. a self-imposed identity still affects and implies things about others, due to your relationship with them. People can disagree with those implications.

I genuinely don't know if anyone needed to hear that.

making a Halo fan character who’s a pelican pilot like Echo 419, and naming them Echo 621

Gar: no you misheard me, I'm not mankin, I'm a manikin

@D6016 bluescreen but its the big bill hell's commercial that plays

when you have a hard time dealing with compliments so you just bluescreen

lewd pokegirl shitpost 

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