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Gonna start a pinned thread here about teasing us.

We do want teasing, so this will have things to know

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if we've sent you a follow request after you have already denied an earlier one, we probably just don't remember if we sent the first one

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see other places others can find us in followers only reply to this post

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introduction post 

my current stage of Gender is "im sorry, ive been surrounded by beautiful butches for years and you expect me to buy into the whole trans women should dress like such and such to pass???"

sometimes we doubt/forget we're plural but god watching each other flirt is surreal

I kinda think the ‘sexy lamp test’ doesn’t account for female characters who’s got powers and how, the excuse goes, they clearly aren’t a sexy lamp because look how they saved everyone with their powers!

So, I propose the sexy drone strike instead. This is where if you can call in a drone strike and achieve the same result story wise, then the character is still a sexy lamp, but with powers.

So I found out the "do you think God stays in heaven in fear of what he created?" comes from spy kids 2 (because the kids watched it yesterday) and I have to say for one of the best lines ever that sure is a weird movie to be in

The existence of both a Batmobile and a Popemobile implies the existence of a Popearang and a Popesignal and

NSFW furry art: nb/m anal sexing 

NSFW furry art: 2 intersex 2 lingerie 

I don't care if it's sans serif, if your font's capital I looks like a lowercase L, it's failing at its primary purpose of conveying language thank you for coming to my TED talk

lewd art 

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