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Gonna start a pinned thread here about teasing us.

We do want teasing, so this will have things to know

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if we've sent you a follow request after you have already denied an earlier one, we probably just don't remember if we sent the first one

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see other places others can find us in followers only reply to this post

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I am looking for self hosted solutions for caldav, carddav and markdown notes.
I'm a lousy sysadmin, the simpler the better.
I'm looking for web interface for calendar and contacts, and sync for notes app.
I would also like to hear other different solutions, how do you have it?
I currently use nextcloud only for caldav and carddav and it's a pain to maintain.
I was thinking of using standard notes for notes, but the free editor is plain text and the server feels cumbersome.

BREAKING NEWS: Tech company does not limit their business model when asked to do so. 🤯

When asked to make less money for the betterment of humanity, they only advertised about how much they care about their customers.
Politicians will try asking nicely next year again.

There. No need to watch tech news anymore for the next 3 years.

Hey if you're heat-insecure this winter make sure to DM me. I can't do much but I know how to keep you and your pets from freezing to death. I've lived outside.
Long and short:
Insulate your floors and walls with cardboard/blankets.
Stay in the smallest room of your house, all of you.
Put a flower pot on chopsticks over a candle, makes a super good heater that doesn't use up too much oxygen. Make a few.
Only drink hot drinks. If hot water is weird, drink teas. Caffeine will make you colder.

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Still working on trying to unload some board games for folks in the USA.

USPS Priority Mail Shipping, so shipping ins't cheap, but I will combine shipping where I can.

Mention you're from the Fediverse, though, and I'll knock down shipping by 50%, because I think you all are swell.


This game of Raid Shadow Legends is brought to you by another smaller game of Raid Shadow Legends running in the corner of the screen

Raid Shadow Legends: I Still Have No Idea What This Is Or How You Play It™

periodic reminder that every time you exclude "men" from support groups, hotlines and non-profits, you are excluding a large portion of people who desperately need help.

such people in need could be people like me who presented and thought they were very cis and very straight for their entire life until everything cracked and my life was absolute chaos

a "no men" policy could also decrease the chance of masc-aligned people in general to interact with such services (see the typical "women and non-binary people")

let's be honest here; most cis men won't seek help anyway, so you attempting to be a bit forthcoming and inclusive with your services hurts absolutely fucking no-one


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things that don't actually happen under communism
*our* toothbrush

things that actually happen under capitalism
landlord: *our* income :)

Time to appreciate gryphons

Soft, borb, dragn-shaped, feline, clawbs…

asking for money help, boosts needed :boost_ok: 

open for a fat dragon 

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