do you ever hear about an app and immediately start imagining all the perfectly stupid posts that will form from it

DOES ANYONE WANT NINE EGGS??? Looking for a stranger to find my house and take nine eggs from me. Serious inquiries ONLY!!! no jokers!!!!!




Hottest debate on the Cup of Sugar forums, closed after 15473 pages by a moderator w/o a resolution.


@Inumo i feel like if someone posted this it would cause the entire site to immediately collapse like a demolished hotel tower

lewd, making it both more plausible and more cursed 


Oh god wait

Placenta though. Someone going like "yeah I just gave birth and my friend was going on about how placentas are good for you but tbh I'm not about that so anyone want it?"

@Inumo a post shows up that's just DOLPHIN MEAT (75LB, FROZEN) and everyone is too scared to be the first one to reply

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