new comm slot idea I draw your fursona like this (I actually wanna do this tbh)

oh geeze it's happening again uhhh yeah 10 bucks I'll draw ur fursona like this

I should put "greebling lil scales" higher up on my hierarchy of needs tbqh

hey @monsterblue this is a super fun design asfdlkjghdslkjfghdslkjfghldksjhglkjh

i need to take a short break then I'll get back on the bicycle

(deleting and reposting this one 'cause I didn't mean to tag in it aslkdjghlsakjghs)

send help, @kobi_lacroix has been running across my canvas shooting finger guns into the air for the past half hour

okay i'm officially too sleepy to continue if you're still waiting for your turn then your turn will be tomorrowww

Kitsune and kit for @MmeLibertine !!

in related news, today I learned I only sort of remember what foxes look like

I'm going to bed, last few will be done tomorrow zzzzzzzz

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