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There, now I've got my writing somewhere that *isn't* my Google Drive.

Casey and Jordan:
The Gender Alignment Chart:

Yes, I did turn my trans death SVG into a generic "I don't wanna make a graphic for this" image, sue me. >.>

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Y'all have probably seen that I've been getting into making folk punk. I'm happy to announce that I have, at last, Actually Published Folk Punk.

Special thanks to for making the cover art! I hope y'all enjoy this sit.

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Hey folks,

At MFF I did a presentation on some casual research I did about cyberpunk derivatives, giving just a brief overview of all the different kinds I could find. If you're curious about what's going on with biopunk, seapunk, voidpunk, whatever, this presentation probably has some answers for you. Enjoy!

I'm so glad I had the foresight to mute the 1983/2003/2023 post when it was in the 60s for favs/boosts. >.>

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We've broken 200, and also presumably the 5 followers I've gained today are because of that post. We'll see how ready they are for a horny queer furry on their home timelines (and how comfy I am being a horny queer furry on theirs).

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"Hey Niko, why are all the pigs you've drawn for just little doodle-pigs?"

I am... not a particularly good artist... >.>

It broke 100 boosts & favs.

Wish there was a way to collapse notifs from a given post. :T

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Horny games 

Anyways I gave Rezzy access to my Itch library and that reminded me that I have Princess With A Cursed Dick:

I should try it out some time, or at least read it.

Oh gods the 1983/2003/2023 post hit criticality. >.>

1983: "If you want to know something, your best bet is either a friend or a library."

2003: "If you want to know something, your best bet is a well-formatted Google search."

2023: "If you want to know something, your best bet is either a friend or a library."

... Lewd? Smell stuff 

Anyways it'll be really awkward if I finally get a good whiff of all my internet flirtfriends and they all smell terrible to me.

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... Lewd? Smell stuff 

What I say: "Yeah, I'm very into smells."

What I mean: "I -will- notice and comment on how you smell to me, and I -will- notice if your scent gets on me & my belongings, and I -will- find that comforting or distressing depending on how I feel about how you smell."

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... Lewd? Smell stuff 

I can smell Someone Else on my face but I can't tell if it's Rezzy because I passed out against her or my neighbor because of all the playing. >.>

*sees the word "yearn"*

"I'm yearning, George!"

Posted this and then passed out for an hour-ish shortly after, so. I suspect this took more out of me than I realized, fun as it was.

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Me: "So, we agreed we were gonna do something with my sword, but is there anything else you wanna do?"
Neighbor: "Well, I'm not comfy being tied up first time..."
M: "Okay..."
N: "... but I'm pretty comfy with sexual stuff."
M: "... Unexpected, but all right."

Anyways tonight sure was more of a night than I expected going into it. |D


In other news apparently a flirtfriend had horny dreams of biting me in revenge for losing at a board game, which y'know, A+.

The real power of the virgin killer sweater is that it makes your back cold, so you always end up laying in bed or being the little spoon for someone.

Science life, stats stuff 

The big worry is that with the coefficients, it says research site is important to baseline but not genotype, while the ANOVA says the reverse is true. The ANOVA kinda fails my gut test, 'cuz I -think- most differences in genotype are accounted for by the effect of genotype on growth rate, but like. I see people doing both, and nobody says "so this is what we report." >.>

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Science life, stats stuff 

Staring at the different p-values & results I get between the coefficient t-tests of summary(model) and the ANOVA F-tests of anova(model) and sweating.

(I think the t-tests are what I want, 'cuz I'm trying to say "these things have a significant influence on the model & this is how much that influence is," but. I always worry.)

Science life, whining 

Oh noooooooo I'm gonna have to add another plot to this figureeeeeee

Dammit, statistics, why couldn't you say "actually you did it right the first time, this factor doesn't matter..." :( Now I gotta fit more lines on the page.

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