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There, now I've got my writing somewhere that *isn't* my Google Drive.

Casey and Jordan:
The Gender Alignment Chart:

Yes, I did turn my trans death SVG into a generic "I don't wanna make a graphic for this" image, sue me. >.>

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Y'all have probably seen that I've been getting into making folk punk. I'm happy to announce that I have, at last, Actually Published Folk Punk.

Special thanks to for making the cover art! I hope y'all enjoy this sit.

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Hey folks,

At MFF I did a presentation on some casual research I did about cyberpunk derivatives, giving just a brief overview of all the different kinds I could find. If you're curious about what's going on with biopunk, seapunk, voidpunk, whatever, this presentation probably has some answers for you. Enjoy!

Me on the east coast: "How can my west coast friends forget that it's always Hella Late over here?"

Me on the west coast: "Oh shit right it's Hella Late over there."

Rope bondage ment, asking for help for DVS 

Pssst. Do I know anyone with rope bottoming experience that'd wanna do a rope 201 panel with me for DVS? I wanna do a like, "so you know some knots, let's talk about what you do with them through the lens of a thorough negotiation."

Selfie, ec 

I have acquired some new Fashion™, Seattle trip confirmed successful!

Apparently there's a Street Fighter deckbuilder that evolves the Star Realms format in productive ways and now I have a game to find & learn.

Also I need to find friends to play Chaos in the Old World with because it's fun & a friend wants to play it.

SPosting stands for Shit Posting 

Male Venusian pactbearers are just HRT femboys.

Finally got back to listening to this interview and *wheurgh* I know too much about *punks. -_-

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Listening to an old interview with Andrew Gillis about Girl By Moonlight (which is now on BackerKit, btw), and I think I should prolly take some time to read through the full-text preview PDF soon and see what intents/ideas I wanna pull for Sealed Pacts.

Oh, and obligatory: if you need me this week, you're gonna have to @ me or otherwise directly get my attention & I'll get to ya when I get to ya. :P

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Seattle trip day 1 debrief 

Friends: good! Very nice getting to see Ruby & Grace. Also, -ho damn- am I out of shape for fencing. Deffo gotta get back into doing fencing drills, prolly with the help of teaching friends how to fence once I'm back in Philly. Still, I missed hanging out with SCAdians; deffo bumping it back up my priority list for "where to spend time" once I figure out my post-doc destination. Anyways, I deffo napped my way through today, so it'll be v nice getting an Actual Night's Sleep tonight.

Ugh, we're waiting for a gate though, so we can't deplane.

The struggles of being early, the destination may not be ready for you.

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Touchdown! I am officially in Seattle, almost an hour ahead of schedule.

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Successfully did my business, boarded flight 2, back to napping 'til I'm in Seattle.

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I think I'm tapping out on this sandwich at 80% eaten, it's pretty dense and I gotta hit the restroom before I get on my next flight.

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I'm in Minneapolis (hopefully briefly)! Gotta taxi to my gate & de-plane, but hopefully I can fit in "have breakfast" before my next flight.

Deffo gotta get to my next gate first though...

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Flight 1: boarded. Time to pass out 'till I'm in Minneapolis.

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