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Those who won’t defend their outgroup create the threat they fear to their ingroup. I tried to live on that and got punished, but I still believe it.

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I want everyone to live for as long as they wish to, and I want the world to be good enough that people wish to live forever.

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Not that anyone is listening to THIS ACCOUNT of course, but there's an Alabama journalist who I'd be fine with people punching, because he issued an open call for political violence.

I am an asexual gay. I don't like sex much, but what little I like is homosexual. I have lived with integrity as an artist. I found this community inspiring, but I am ejected from it. My art was met with intolerance; my reminders that people who don't like an artist shouldn't peruse their material were treated not as a response to hatred but as hatred itself. I go in peace, as I arrived; I will take my archive and continue my work elsewhere, defending truth in other ways in other places.

If rhetoric is banned because it affects the emotions too strongly, will someday all art that affects emotions be banned? What kind of people will then remain? What society forms between people who feel nothing and people who control nothing?

I think all the extremes harden. Extreme hardness is extreme hardness. Extreme softness is extreme hardness. I think maybe people always have to be mostly soft or mostly hard.

I think it might be like honesty. I don't like lies, but I play with lies sometimes even though I don't like them, because I think mostly honest is mostly honest, but if I even were totally honest nobody would believe me, and they shouldn't, because totally honest is usually totally false. Probably always totally false. I can't be unerring. So I try to be mostly honest.

I don't have many secrets; an emotional review of the morning Show more

(I could be biased here. I could be slashing at a target that wasn't doing this thing. But... I don't think so... Scientology did a lot of infiltration, and a lot of horror stories came from the sea org. They did a lot of USING secrets, and a lot of not liking themselves to be closely inspected. They did their best to go apart from all other society and become a wall of darkness.)

When scientology labeled people "clear", it wasn't really a measure of their psychological health. It was a measure of their willingness to be "seen through" by the leadership, and to be a lens without obstruction for the "light" of the leader. That's... not light. That's not the light of all, certainly; at the very best it may in an emergency situation be a manifestation of granary law.

Usually that kind of behavior is more the nature of shadow, of what lurks, and burns away when the real light touches it.

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Cancel culture is puritanical scapegoating.

Many of my abusers have tried to paint ME as violent and abusive to isolate me and used cancel culture to do so. Sometimes they've used racism, other times ableism.

It's not enabling abuse to ask questions like, "what happened?"

People assume that there's no capacity for sensitivity in anyone they've decided they hate. But... that's kind of the problem, isn't it?

When people "dance", in this sense akin to the Orz, they do it with closed eyes and clear hearts. The virtues of the humane - that which humans consider exemplary of their own potential - is built more of uncertainty than clarity.

The light that's true... isn't sure. That's why I pride myself on a more mercurial nature, on learning and trading information, and on yielding my own stances sometimes.

People see anger, people see rage. Sometimes they see others. Sometimes they see what they choose. Sometimes they see themselves. They often see what would fit a narrative they've constructed or been given, to which they've submitted themselves.

I think that's what the song Human is about with it's "human or dancer" question.

Verse one starts like this:
I did my best to notice
When the call came down the line
Up to the platform of surrender

And ends like this:
Close your eyes, clear your heart
Cut the cord

Verse 2 is then *entirely* about giving up virtues. It's about the question of whether people should be concerned with the ethics of what they do. It's about the meaning of cold hands. Do we cut ourselves free of virtue, or do we admit that there's no call?

Still, it's culturally fascinating. Did you know that The Killers wrote a song titled Human that involved singing about the same phenomenon? It's worth a listen.

Don't treat people as evil for not hating things you hate. Try talking to people. Opinions can change. Sometimes you can persuade others of your own, sometimes you need to be able to live in the same world as people who do not march in lockstep with your own way. Respect diverse preferences and distant minds.

It's not like telling people my own heatmap would impress anyone. Something I've picked up, though it's sad, is that people who reference the heatmap don't overlap with people who have actual empathetic concern for others. Although I DO have an infrared camera. I could prove the point when I say my hands are cold. :/

I think the internet was more candid early on because people didn't assume they could read emotional data from distant people they couldn't see. They didn't carry forward their whole social context into the virtual space and assume all their intuitions were correct about people living different lives in different parts of the world.

Some of this evolution may have been inevitable. Sometimes the entropic tendency of things cannot be subverted, and must be regarded as revealing real qualities.

If you want to use this information in humility, try ASKING what people's heat distribution is. Listen to the reply. This works when you think people will be honest.

Using an actual infrared camera might work under limited circumstances.

If you assume it in the absence of reason to know, catch yourself. That's telepathy, not empathy, and it's a self-indicator of psychological abuse.

(Sensitive-marked image is the heat map from the article.)

Because people continue thinking this is the height of insight, and I confess I just referenced it myself, have a heatmap.

Be someone who enables people to reach towards each other.

Truth is merciful, shadow is merciless. Subtlety is intrinsically cruel. There is no way to be kind in subtlety, for there is no way to offer any kind of confidence to people in subtlety; anything could be a misunderstanding. Imprisoning people in anxiety forever eventually causes their presentation to splinter.

Giving people information that helps them should not be construed as cruelty. That is how people come to live in comfort. That is not merciless. Just as you would not hint and lie around children, making them dance through a world of uncertainty, so you should treat the world as you would treat children, being the light that is good.

The taboo against humility is not really a good look for people. No matter how many villains have used humility as a shield throughout history, the fact remains that it only works as a shield because it's basically emotionally functional for most people who do it.

...why does the angel emoji smile, anyways? Shouldn't an angel on earth be pretty uncomfortable? I feel like society is getting to the point where angels would smile in a few places, but not yet like it's at the point where that would be the typical expression of an angelic heart.

It is not a privilege to interact with people who do not respect the consent of others.

"Be afraid of those who want to live their lives quietly and peacefully. They are unscrupulous. "
Klaes Andersen

Well humbug to Klaes Andersen... I do not want anything BUT a quiet and peaceful life, no matter what people say. c.-.c