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for the tumblr exodus:
I’m expodragon from that site and my dragonsona is named Azure whose dragon hoard is retro sports jerseys, for my niche interest is sports uniform designs.

I’m a web dev graduate currently working as a software tester. I mostly post about video games and some furry stuff. My other interests include sports, mainly baseball and CFL football, wrestling, 90s-early 00s culture/aesthetic, and volcanology.

PSA: there is a new discord phishing scam going around, it works by dming you from accounts that have already been taken over - note the link in the screenshots which appears at first glance to be a discord link but is in fact another webpage set up to look like the discord log in. once you log in to the link in the screenshot it automatically changes your password so you cannot get in and then proceeds to dm your friends list with the link.

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Found a 3rd party N64-esque controller that works with a Switch and decided to get one for Smash, mostly for the see-through plastic and joycon sticks not being consistent for that game. Works well so far.

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Y’all I’m so proud of Hatsune Miku not only is she a diva and the creator of Smash Hit Game Minecraft but she also wrote the entire Harry Potter series

Last night, I nearly lost all progress in CTR bc the game crashed right as it was autosaving, corrupting the file.

Restored most of it in cloud backup, but I was almost done with beating N Tropy in every course and was put back to about half of them.

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Beating N. Tropy times and switching to Tiny feels so much better + easier for me.

He was my 1st character to play in CTR when I was young bc of his high speed alone, not caring about other stats. End up struggling at U-turns that I went the other way to Polar/Pura for control.

Now the low turn rating is great for boost drifting. Reminded of how good it feels.

SGDQ's preshow started off with the opening to Skyrim as a fakeout.

A great start

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First thing I tried in CTR Nitro Fuelled is entering the code from the original game that launches the Spyro 2 demo.

Nothing happened. Was worth a shot though.

Day over. Long weekend thanks to working in Quebec and on my way to picking up CTR.

Gonna make the exp more authentic and play Eiffel 65 over it

I saw someone mention using the SMPTE test pattern as a pride flag so here's an experiment:

Poor freedom of speech. Its meaning has taken such a drubbing in the last few years.

I mean, originally, it was just "the government can't tell you what you can and can't say".

Then someone decided it meant "what you say should never have any consequences".

Then someone decided that it meant "nobody can deny you a soapbox".

Then someone decided that it meant "nobody can refuse to listen to you."

Now apparently it means "every program that could possibly access my soapbox MUST do so."

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