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Azure Reignited

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for this instance geared more to my sona.

Art by badweave, showing off the meaning behind my username.

Spyro Reignited, but about the dragon dads Show more

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The devs managed to make those guys just as unsettling as they were in the original. Took me longer to beat this compared to the other 2 bc they scared tf out of me as a kid.

They’re quicker at the jump in this one too.

Gamer elitism bs, Spyro Show more

I’m off work and hyped af on the way to pick up Spyro Reignited

To give you an idea of how unfinished Angel of Darkness was, Lara dies with a ‘drowning’ animation if she falls in lava

His scrunched up angry face gets me every time

AVGN, Low-poly close up Show more

I can’t believe how well this syncs with the new Smash commercial, lyrics and all!

RIP to Stan Lee as someone who grew up on Spiderman shows and games. Still have the Very Best of book with some of the key comics

Low-key hoping for a slim chance I can get preordered copy of Spyro Reignited early. Weather is supposed to be bad tomorrow.

That game has been one of my top wishes ever

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I just - need this to be shared.

Why do I feel more tired after sleeping in on a Saturday? I’m supposed to be more rested

Replaying Saints Row 2 to celebrate 10 years with the game. One part of being one of my faves is that the ragdoll physics are more satisfying because of how floppier and more impactful they are, compared to the cushier moon physics of later entries.

Got lucky with traffic + buses during the first snowfall. It was much worse and exhausting yesterday for no reason