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for the tumblr exodus:
I’m expodragon from that site and my dragonsona is named Azure whose dragon hoard is retro sports jerseys, for my niche interest is sports uniform designs.

I’m a web dev graduate currently working as a software tester. I mostly post about video games and some furry stuff. My other interests include sports, mainly baseball and CFL football, wrestling, 90s-early 00s culture/aesthetic, and volcanology.

Got an XBL gift card for easter, so I bought an XBLA game for the first time in a long while. No longer procrastinated on playing SoTN.

Went with the XBLA version as opposed to Requiem bc that has the original famous voice acting.

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I got another good gameplay clip for TR3, but for some reason, that one has a much higher data rate to put it well above the file limit, despite being recorded the same way as my last vid of that game and nearly the same length

Vehicles are funny in the old TR engine

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Prototype was very much Incredible Hulk Ultimate Destruction as an original IP. Remembered seeing the alpha build on X-Play in ‘07 where Alex Mercer has the same animations as Hulk in that game.

Even recognized the same VA for military comm chatter when the wanted meter gets full, going back to the Hulk game based on the 2003 movie.

Radical Entertainment got shut down for no reason other than the industry’s crackdown on mid-tier budget devs not selling instant blockbuster sales

Watched Matt play Prototype and realized it’s a decade since the Prototype vs. Infamous discourse as a proxy to console wars bc the latter is a PS exclusive on a system starving for a good one at the time.

Liked the 2nd one better bc it’s easier to defend yourself where the 1st game can have you nearly stunlocked by off-screen attacks when things get too hectic.

Forgot to put this up yesterday. My half-orc Nirvaas doing a little clothing repair. Drawn by

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can you imagine a shark just resting its head in your lap

are sharks just water dogs

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