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for the tumblr exodus:
I’m expodragon from that site and my dragonsona is named Azure whose dragon hoard is retro sports jerseys, for my niche interest is sports uniform designs.

I’m a web dev graduate currently working as a software tester. I mostly post about video games and some furry stuff. My other interests include sports, mainly baseball and CFL football, wrestling, 90s-early 00s culture/aesthetic, and volcanology.

This Soul Calibur 2 ad in Gamepro's September 2003 issue is pretty dope

exhibit D. if these posts have not convinced you that jon bois is an S-tier shitposter you are lost

Tried using my 3rd party Switch controller to play EDuke, which works with the PC, but the issues are the same: Using triggers and looking left/right won’t work, even though the “triggers” on that controller are just regular buttons and firing was assigned as such.

That means DS4Windows wasn’t the problem after all.

DS4Windows struck again and using triggers or moving the right stick left/right doesn’t work on eDuke.

I know what you’re thinking, using a pad for a PC FPS, but my laptop is stuck to a crowded desk with a desktop computer ever since working @ home.

Got the Alien Armageddon mod along with eDuke after watching Matt McMuscles play it and hell yeah, it comes with the Caribbean expansion! And Duke it out in DC too I guess.

I’ve bought Duke3D thrice over 9 years, and Megaton edition, the one with said expansions, I got on PS3.

Had to download Atomic Edition off of IA bc those versions were delisted on all platforms thanks to Randy “Medieval Times” Pitchford.

Reliving my childhood memories at a video store by going through Redump’s list of downloadable GCN ISOs on IA

don't hate the game hate the gamer, the AAA game development studio, the gaming media, Troy Baker, bros that stream, bros in stream chat, fashy youtube content creators, and what the hell I guess you can hate the game too

Got myself a day off on Monday using what’s left of my overtime hours.

The actor who played Garak in DS9 was Andrew Robinson. When he got the acting role, he wrote 200 pages of Garak's backstory. His use of this as a guide for his acting is probably a big reason why Garak's character has so much depth.

Most of that backstory was officially canonised by the head Trek writers. Robinson used it to write a novel, A Stitch in Time, in which Garak writes an autobiographical letter to Julian Bashir.


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