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Azure Reignited

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for the tumblr exodus:
I’m expodragon from that site and my dragonsona is named Azure whose dragon hoard is retro sports jerseys, for my niche interest is sports uniform designs.

I’m a web dev graduate currently working as a software tester. I mostly post about video games and some furry stuff. My other interests include sports, mainly baseball and CFL football, wrestling, 90s-early 00s culture/aesthetic, and volcanology.

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for this instance geared more to my sona.

Art by badweave, showing off the meaning behind my username.

@gnarlyanimal @pixl most people also probably picked up chrome because for years and years firefox had a huge memory leak and finallly two years ago they rewrote basically the whole thing from the ground up

firefox is good now y'all

Got my own emoji by @dzuk
(Open for commissions btw and I recommend it)

work (-) Show more

work (-) Show more

MFW I make a post and more than 1 person interacts with it.

legitimately proud of the screenshots I made of THUG PRO for my partner's postmortem on the incredible custom model they made for me

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GAY! BIRD! SEX! featuring falco from the star fox series Show more

emoji commissions open! (also kind of asking for help, abuse mention) Show more

fan emoji of the recent Hbomberguy stream >w<, IDK if I can or how i would distribute them, but I wanted to make something, and I make emoji sooo

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Nazis, abuse, asking for help Show more

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