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I wake up and I'm another year older, funny how that works

finally getting the oreo update for my phone, wheeee

writing and wondering how to put the pieces I have together. I know the pieces I have are good, but stringing them together is a whole other problem. if I can figure this out I'm sure I'll have something good though...

uuuugh, the RAM I ordered is bad :c

hopefully ebay's money back guarantee actually works x.x

I dunno why but making silly bash one-liners that I can feed into "watch" is fun

dammit I wanted to go to the post office to pick up my RAM but I forgot it's labor day so it's almost certainly closed


debating whether to head down to the post office or not... it closed a couple hours ago and it's unlikely that the RAM I got would fit in my tiny PO box, unless it was put into one of those keyed delivery boxes, so getting my RAM doesn't seem likely

buuuut it would be a good excuse to go grab some food...

is there any word that means *precisely* the opposite of "oxymoron"? "redundant" works but it's not specific enough...

trying to shape up my resume, paraphrasing my previous supervisor telling me "you really know your shit" is an interesting exercise


I want to watch more but I've been watching it with @saphire and I'm not gonna skip ahead

waking up with a slight headache is never fun, but tea usually helps

... as long as I let it cool off before burning my tongue >.<

shit I forgot that my RAM is probably at my PO box by now, I should've checked that today

oh well, tomorrow it is, gotta shower and get to bed soonish anyway

I should really do my dishes more often... get small portions of them done each day rather than waiting and ending up having to wash like a billion things at once

had a weird dream last night, I don't remember much of the details but at one point there was a doctor or somebody who said I was carrying an egg (yes, in that sense)

I'm equal parts sad and confused

the goal with that being that with the RHCSA I might be able to get my foot in the door *somewhere* with it proving that I at least know *something* about tech. even if I end up doing some stupid help desk thing it's better than nothing x.x

on the plus side I've paid for the test and I've got 8GB of RAM ordered for my laptop so I can hopefully run some VMs and practice for it

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