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I should really do my dishes more often... get small portions of them done each day rather than waiting and ending up having to wash like a billion things at once

had a weird dream last night, I don't remember much of the details but at one point there was a doctor or somebody who said I was carrying an egg (yes, in that sense)

I'm equal parts sad and confused

the goal with that being that with the RHCSA I might be able to get my foot in the door *somewhere* with it proving that I at least know *something* about tech. even if I end up doing some stupid help desk thing it's better than nothing x.x

on the plus side I've paid for the test and I've got 8GB of RAM ordered for my laptop so I can hopefully run some VMs and practice for it

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and yet, the story isn't really gone, is it?

it's still there, everything is always there. even when the plot comes to an end, the story and the world and the characters all continue existing

not in any "real" ongoing sense, of course, but more in the way that they continue influencing you and keep being a part of you. the stories and the characters all carry on in your memories

it's more obvious if you're into fanfics, but they never really stop being there just because you reached the end

finally got off my butt and finished reading

I feel... I dunno, I guess it's just that weird emptiness you feel when you finish reading a book and there's no more to read

you spend so long immersing yourself in this story and knowing and thinking and feeling these characters and arcs

you laugh and cry and love and hate and a part of yourself becomes dedicated to this story and then...

the story is gone, and it's back to our normal lives. no more of it taking up space in your brain

and before you ask, "koreaboo" is rejected due to sounding too much like a yu-gi-oh monster (you know the one)

I need your opinions, fediverse:

what's the korean equivalent to "weeaboo" or "weeb"?

so far I've only gotten "k-nerd" and "koreeb", neither of which are... punchy enough. I need something that speaks to your heart and tells you in no uncertain terms that you're not only a geek but a very specific kind of geek that deserves extra mention

ok animal post time
did u know there's a single species of exclusively freshwater seals?
they live in russia's enormous lake baikal and theyre the fattest roundest things ever look at them holy shit

watching with @saphire, I neeeeeed more episodes that focus on rainbow dash

finally ordered some RAM for my laptop, hopefully it works because I'm REALLY tired of only having 4GB

hey uhhh @anthracite I think federation broke, I'm not seeing any new posts from anyone outside of

"X-Clacks-Overhead: GNU Terry Pratchett" is the best http header

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