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watching with @saphire, I neeeeeed more episodes that focus on rainbow dash

finally ordered some RAM for my laptop, hopefully it works because I'm REALLY tired of only having 4GB

hey uhhh @anthracite I think federation broke, I'm not seeing any new posts from anyone outside of

"X-Clacks-Overhead: GNU Terry Pratchett" is the best http header

silly quirk stuff 

@transcendentalConsensus that reminds me, I should put "actually finish reading homestuck" on my to-do list lmao. I was reading it since like act 3 but those huge hiatuses near the end meant I stopped paying attention and lost track >.<

(I should also re-read it tbh)

sitting bored waiting in a room at the doctor's office


kinda tangentially related to the cyberpunk 2077 thing (and just a good song):

@anthracite I keep reading your thing as "Glorious" instead of "Gracious" lol

doing dishes is so BORING

wish I had a dishwasher x.x

I didn't think I was the kind of person to use "paw" instead of "hand" but here we are



set up openvpn on my server because sure why not

I even got ipv6 working on it somehow? I dunno how it works but it does and I'm not touching it

tbh QUILTBAG is totally the best LGBT acronym because it's the most fun

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