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@transcendentalConsensus that reminds me, I should put "actually finish reading homestuck" on my to-do list lmao. I was reading it since like act 3 but those huge hiatuses near the end meant I stopped paying attention and lost track >.<

(I should also re-read it tbh)

sitting bored waiting in a room at the doctor's office


kinda tangentially related to the cyberpunk 2077 thing (and just a good song):

@anthracite I keep reading your thing as "Glorious" instead of "Gracious" lol

doing dishes is so BORING

wish I had a dishwasher x.x

I didn't think I was the kind of person to use "paw" instead of "hand" but here we are



set up openvpn on my server because sure why not

I even got ipv6 working on it somehow? I dunno how it works but it does and I'm not touching it

note to self: should probably sleep between deciding to analyze own personality and actually doing so

also maybe not post it for everyone to see? eh, whatever

tbh QUILTBAG is totally the best LGBT acronym because it's the most fun

one of these days I should probably actually finish reading homestuck, but if I did I'd probably want to re-read it and that would just take *forever*

it's kinda weird being on here after not bothering with any social media for so long (outside of IMs/chats/etc, if that counts at all?)

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