"There's only one rule that I know of, hatchlings- God damn it, you've got to go rawr."
Kurt Wyvernnegut


Nebuchadnezzar or Lethis: Path of Progress may interest you, they're both heavily inspired by the Impressions city builders (Caesar, Pharaoh, etc), and the devs who made Lethis are working on a remake of Pharaoh that's coming out this year

NSFW, feral dragoness 

finally got some art of me with a strap-on, and it's REALLY good

art by Oksara on FA

@anthracite more relevant to the actual point here: dude just really likes shoehorning in descriptions of just how Logical and Consistent and Predictable his magic system is at literally every possible opportunity. (and of course it's for weird mormon reasons)

@anthracite his work is pretty mediocre to begin with, but as soon as you learn he's *obsessively* mormon, that context makes it so much worse

Me, being a horny artist wanting to draw girldick 


never thought about getting a ref for my strap, maybe I should


I've never really found a (dragon) otherkin group that I liked tbh

Bad sleep, weather 

@Inumo I love summer storms but also ow the joint pain and oof the lack of sleep

tons of thunder around philly right now, I always love the sound of it

though it does make it hard to sleep

the butch desire for short nails versus the dragon desire for claws

human nails suck :dragnsad:


good luck! I've heard they've recently been pretty cautious with recovery because some people have been abusing it


I got sucked into OSRS recently, it's pretty nice as a second monitor game while I'm on the clock

open to be bamboozled 


in my experience kobolds just lick my cheek instead

(definitely not sub-raring anyone here, nope :dragnsarc:)


pretty much just what happens when there are zero cross-platform GUI frameworks that are better than HTML/CSS/JS

that's a seriously low bar, and yet!

I always love seeing the "gay chaos" tags all over philly lmao

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