mawshot, maybe nsfw 

I'm definitely getting a motorcycle as soon as this pandemic is over with and being the butch motorcycle lesbian I'm destined to be

there really need to be more butch lesbians out there, feeling like there's a serious shortage of us tbh


but why have dragongirls and dragonboys when you can have dragons and more dragons?


I think I've decided I'm going back to school for psychiatry. First step is gonna be finishing up my associate's at the local community college though

finally got real internet, woo! and it's gigabip! or well 940/480, but eh, more than enough for anything I'd need or want :P

waiting for art and I'm gonna EXPLODE from impatience


as individuals it's impossible for all of us to go through every single piece of art that's ever been put out to find what we enjoy, so we trust others to do it for us. as always with delegation, it doesn't really address people with little power or influence

in other words, the problem with exposure for small artists is the same problem as with democracy in general (and many other systems)


just thinking about that spongebob scene: "the smaaaallest you can think of!"

"a job at the krusty krab?"

added thread tags to my forum software, woo, another point for usability!

finally got a job! I'm a Real Programmer™️ now!

working from home as a contractor and setting my own hours is a pretty sweet deal

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