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messing around with typescript for stuff, it's a weird language and has lots of quirks inherited from JS, but you really can't beat the DOM for low barrier to entry

one of these days I should probably try to learn proper OOP stuff so that I can use typescript without fumbling around so much

orrr I can just keep stubbornly throwing stuff against the wall until it kinda sorta works

you get one guess for what I'm gonna do


that... I mean it'd fit I guess?

I mean I haven't played D&D in a REALLY long time, but I also have no idea how old this is so... maybe??


one of the text files on my laptop just has these numbers: 16, 15, 14, 12, 8, 7

I don't know how or why or what they are, but I'm too lazy to delete it


this is blasphemy, pizza can do no wrong!

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just wanted to share this paragraph I wrote for nanowrimo:

The toys on her floor mostly consisted of plastic bricks, which had the predictable effect of turning most of her room into a caltrop-ridden death trap. She, for her part, had a *system*. Which is to say, she had a path cleared that was just wide enough for her to walk from her door to her bed without subjecting herself to untold amounts of pain that any potential visitors would most likely experience. The rest of her room was fair game, with the little bricks of pure agony scattered around like she was expecting a cavalry charge.

been getting some nice work done on my forum software project, ECF. it now uses Argon2id instead of PBKDF2 for password hashing, I added an optimization for posts, simplified some stuff, added thread view counting... not many new features but it's moving along

though as usual I have no idea what I want to work on next

feels good to get a pull request going! didn't get #69 like I did for cowlib, but 35 is a decent number

I snuck in two stealth puns in the first paragraph, hell yeah

they're both bad and only one of them makes any real sense but whatever

when writing in the flow, it's easy to get lost in the endless expanse of words and clauses, drifting from one to the next as they spring forth like so many snowflakes in a frigid winter blizzard

but editing, I comb it over and over like a middle aged priest. check it all two or five times. every word honed to perfection, every sentence a finely tuned machine thrumming with power, every paragraph at its full potential. it's not any less artistic, but margins for both error and profit are slim

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I wake up and I'm another year older, funny how that works

finally getting the oreo update for my phone, wheeee

writing and wondering how to put the pieces I have together. I know the pieces I have are good, but stringing them together is a whole other problem. if I can figure this out I'm sure I'll have something good though...

@saphire don't steal my jokes when I'm trying to flirt with you!