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ECrownofFire @ECrownofFire

is there any word that means *precisely* the opposite of "oxymoron"? "redundant" works but it's not specific enough...

@ECrownofFire "oxymoron" means "a figure of speech in which apparently contradictory terms appear in conjunction".

What is the precise opposite of that?

@phoe well an oxymoron is something that is inherently contradictory, most commonly an adjective-noun combination

I'm looking for a word or term to describe something like "round circle". it's redundant, but in a way where the nature of the noun includes the adjective

the example that led to this was "mischievous fae", and I jokingly called that redundant, but I'm trying to find a more precise term

it's all in the name of comedy, of course :P