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ECrownofFire @ECrownofFire

time I guess!

hello! I'm a 23 year old dragoness/woman who lives in Philadelphia since december of 2015. from Portland, OR

I do nerdy stuff like programming in erlang and python

pansexual leaning lesbian

pantheist, I try to make it to a unitarian universalist church on sundays

politics georgist but I rarely talk about it

I have bipolar disorder type 1, and I try to be uplifting for others' sake

I rawr a lot!

and that's about it, feel free to listen/follow/smeerp me!

@ECrownofFire I also do a bit of Erlang, especially if it is Lisp Flavored.

@phoe oh yeah I've seen LFE before. I don't understand it at all though lol

@ECrownofFire You need to understand the basic ideas behind Lisp to grasp the benefits that LFE gives.

And you need to get used to tons of parentheses.

@ECrownofFire Welcome to my corner of the People's Glorious Social Network!