"There's only one rule that I know of, hatchlings- God damn it, you've got to go rawr."
Kurt Wyvernnegut

NSFW, feral dragoness 

finally got some art of me with a strap-on, and it's REALLY good

art by Oksara on FA

tons of thunder around philly right now, I always love the sound of it

though it does make it hard to sleep

the butch desire for short nails versus the dragon desire for claws

human nails suck :dragnsad:

I always love seeing the "gay chaos" tags all over philly lmao


there anywhere that anyone can recommend for hypno stuff? particularly resources for writing and recording scripts

I'm a cold-blooded steal your body heat kind of dragon

really wish I had a hoard of kobolds tbh, I need the body heat

oh hey a rainstorm, time for the street outside to flood again lmao

desperately trying to avoid spending way too much money on kitchen supplies so I can cook more random stuff

two things this world needs more of:

1. butch dragons
2. femme dragons

mawshot, maybe nsfw 

look at my TEEFS

(art by SHKey on FA)

I'm definitely getting a motorcycle as soon as this pandemic is over with and being the butch motorcycle lesbian I'm destined to be

there really need to be more butch lesbians out there, feeling like there's a serious shortage of us tbh

I think I've decided I'm going back to school for psychiatry. First step is gonna be finishing up my associate's at the local community college though

finally got real internet, woo! and it's gigabip! or well 940/480, but eh, more than enough for anything I'd need or want :P

waiting for art and I'm gonna EXPLODE from impatience

added thread tags to my forum software, woo, another point for usability!

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