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Thicker Matters considered

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"i am a good person... with many flaws in need of my effort to correct"

"i am a good person because i exist, but i do not always do the best good. I need to work on that"

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i don't care about your feelings nor should i

i toot to entertain myself

if you are too we'll get along


how about a rug from a thug?

that stain lo
spill from a jug

worry not though
cleanup and chug

The School of Severely Hard Knocks is now open

* logic through productive suffering
* shocked by reality and car battery
* immersion therapy in Objective Reality

Headmaster b

why do people buy room ceiling fans with FLAT blades?

i bought a fan with aerodynamic scoops like a prop plane


i should make it possible to block posts which *mention* people on your blocklist.

Are you ready for some #tags?

Huge #geek and love the things most people associate with that word.

I have a deep, lifelong passion for all of #startrek

I enjoy playing #videogames. The #snes was my favorite console.

I'm currently loving the #nintendoswitch. I love #nintendo and will always have their latest console(s).

I enjoy #tv and #movies immensely. Some of my favorites (besides Star Trek) are #firefly, the new #bsg, #avatar #thelastairbender, and #buffy

I'm very passionate about #foss and #privacy. My next phone is going to be the #librem5.

I am an ethical #vegan for life.

I love to read #books (mostly fantasy)

There's a lot more about me, but that's definitely long enough. If you want to know more, just ask!

Give me a follow if you're interested and don't be afraid to @ me.

who wants to come jump off this one bridge?

D recommends only this brand of protein bar for Y chromosome people: no unfermented soy, great flavor, good texture

Eat unfermented soy if you wish lower T and higher E2

@D @fribbledom
Now while not a beverage, conventional mushrooms are tasty and easy to grow at home too. I have some tasty oyster mushrooms on the go right now. Mmmmm.