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1901 Photograph: The Orion Nebula

Image Credit: George Ritchey, Yerkes Observatory - Digitization Project: W. Cerny,

R. Kron, Y. Liang, J. Lin, M. Martinez, E. Medina, B. Moss, B. Ogonor, M. Ransom, J. Sanchez (Univ. of Chicago) #APoD

Men came to dominate programming when typing stopped being seen as a woman's job, and programming began being seen as a science.

I caught a young sparrow that got lost in our flat in a colorful scarf to bring it outside. Picture shows the sparrow looking out of the scarf with one foot out. It's very fluffy.

The gender of the day is a shimmering gremlin in an overgrown school.

It makes me angry to be seen as the socially awkward person that doesn't adapt to society when I'm not the one that abuses and bullies and acts hateful towards people just because they are different.

How can this be seen as normal while being kind and really caring but not knowing some social protocols that are purely a product of modern society isn't?


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hello~ call me hex, they/them. i'm a NB poc illustrator ✨

i like fantasy, dragons, wings, circles, and all manner of shiny things. i draw human, anthro, and animal characters.

#introduction #mastoart #dragon #ocs

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Today's gender is a brawny aggressive weasel.

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today the fediverse taught me:

- about how pirate ships were actually (generally) badass floating anarchist freedom-fighting communes (see replies to

- how sky surveys work and what astronomers look for (see replies to

- about how Oscar Mayer are a buncha weenies (see

fuckin love this place sometimes

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