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Only just watched it, but I really appreciated Philosophy Tube's "Sex Work" video - did a really good job of highlighting the ... well, philosophical chicanery that goes into anti-sex work arguments, as well as amplifying the voices of a fair number of sex workers, academic and non-. - 44 minutes, content warnings for alcohol, frank discussion of police violence, and a plug for a video sponsor at the end, but like Olly says in the intro, it's strictly educational and in fact suitable for classrooms.

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ableism, not targeted at anyone, but instead pointing out a trend Show more

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Computer, show me the philosophical impact of neoliberalism on parenting:

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what up kiddy winks, better buckle up cos mama's got a god forsaken, and it aint cute

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all tops/dommes are braver than the troops

Today's gender is the sound of thunder in the distance.

This self own made me choke on my coffee. I’m okay but a disclaimer woulda been great.


ME has taken away:
*my hopes to work in a plant nursery and run gardening workshops
*most of the energy to garden and grow my own food
*being able to see most of my friends
*my ability to financially support myself, and contribute to our joint income
*being able to travel around Europe and see friends in Germany, The Netherlands and Belgium
*being an activist on international development and environmental justice issues
*being able to walk in hills and valleys
*my confidence and reliability
*so many dreams
*my sense of self
#MillionsMissing #LivingWithME #MECFS

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I mispronounced "Bailey Rae" as "Bay Relay".

Now the phrase "The bay relay did not relay today" is stuck in my brain because it is a jerk :D

(sometimes. We have our moments)