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benign vicinity hinkypunks

Been meaning to post some pictures.

(Tagging for reasons)

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Belly. I'm... not even scared. If you think I should be, go f*ck yourself. Show more

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I know last years big meme was the letter a
I know people still use it.

But did we ever take the next logical step?

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I didn't even expect it today, but I met Henry again and I had my phone!!!
It's like he was waiting for me at the stairs.

The picture isn't great and in the other one he was just shaking his head, so please bear with the bad quality.

I did it, I started my felting project for @distel and it's not much progress yet But! I had to share because I'm just so excited (first time I'm doing anything crafty since... 6 years and the first time it's on my own terms since... forever)

Also I'm overly proud I guessed the amount of wool I'd need for the soon to be button right at the first try! XD
It's a tiny but motivating first success. ^,^

Isn't it a beautiful little felt disc baby?

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Went to an arts and crafts thing.

Bought a little cute snail!

Got home, hella stimmy.

Had fast food.

Probably gonna be overloady now, but hey! Look at my adorable snailfriend!!!
(Photo below is from a calendar, copperwork and idea by Kunst und Handwerk Loer, Osterburken)

Cutest snail!