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the only things i think about are:
video game
And Thats it!

thinking about the life sized hakumei and mikochi garage kits

the hoenn sitting cuties dropped (jpn only right now) and i forgot how many of my top pokemon are in hoenn oh no. oh geeze

its so funny to me how both lunamon and sayo have been in more games than coronamon and koh despite them being the mascots for dusk and dawn respectively

apparently how i recuperate after a rough string of work days is comfort food and ancient memes and animations
the "a bunch of random characters having fun set to music" is a fun genre of fan animation that you just dont see much of anymore

oooh no i was autobattling in hackers memory without thinking and i looked over at just the moment to see my team got wiped and my last save was sooo long ago because im almost never in danger of dying in this game oopsie

animation meme community should bring back geddan

if there was one minor change about the cyber sleuth games i could make it would be that you could take on multiple sidequests at a time. it doesnt make sense for me to have two quests in the same dungeon and having to leave and go back in to complete them one at a time

it took a comical amount of time for me to realize the cheeks are squishy and rubbery. they really made sure to have lots of different textures and colors on this lil squirrel huh

I got another one and this one is ultra rare and glittery
The cake gets stuck to the face and reveals a “happy birthday” message..
Interestingly my birthday is next week... did it know?

A blind box toy I was interested went on sale for a $1.50 and so I could get one and stay within my $5 lunch budget
The package turns into a little display/photo area
It’s a bit “how do you do fellow kids” but I do kind of think the idea of associating a toy having a simple action feature (mine the cactus pops out of the pot when you press the flower) with a looping gif is cute

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oh wow huh the second cyber sleuth game just comes right out and says fei is a lesbian. the first game is a bit more nudge-wink about it but nah in hackers memory it straight up says she loves women huh

Really not liking the very big difference between what my insurance says i owe my dentist and what my dentist charged me

ive had toyhouse for less than i week and ive already sent in a couple of reports bc I noticed this dude that got banned on this ARPG im in has transferred away two of their designs they didnt have anymore (one design was even transferred to two separate ppl)!

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listings for a new tamagotchi have appeared in the UK, spain, and germany.
it seems to be the successor to the meets? :ds_eyes:
it also has a camera so you could take a picture of yourself with your tamas... doesnt seem like it has the genetics feature though so im wondering if its more of a spin-off than the next line. similar to things like the tamagotchi chu or tamagotchi school

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