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I forgot to pin the last one of these I made and now I can’t find it so!
Commissions! Emoji! :ds_pog:
I offer two styles. The first is based off of the general circle face emoji and use a base. I offer a “starter pack” That’s two for $35 and it’s $20 for each additional expression.

The other style is a more complex emoji without using a base, like the kind popular on twitch these start at $45 each and have deals for buying multiple at once. $120 for 3 and $200 for 5. This includes multi part emoji that fit together to make a longer image.
All payments are currently via PayPal

I also take tips on ko-fi and if you include a simple or silly request on any tip $6 and higher I’ll draw it! Full terms on my ko-fi page

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the only things i think about are:
video game
And Thats it!

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florence: I need my golden crown of sorrow, my bloody sword to swing
me: yeah, of course, gotta have 'em

Work related whinings 

Omg the front lanes manager who was supposed to be here called out and the person they got to cover her does not know what she doinnnnng
So I was hopping covering breaks but then I had to cover one of the self checkouts because the gal there had to leave earlier than the scheduled replacement due to other callout shenanigans
Meaning that the person coming in at 4 would relieve me and my break on the grid is listed as 4. Its the next 30 that needs to be covered. It’s exactly halfway through my shift I’m working 12-8 and she’s like “oh that’s like WAY too early for your break” and I’m just like ??? What ??? And she’s all like “yeah we don’t listen to the grid since it’s computer generated it’s done by hour” and I’m just like “yeah it’s exactly halfway through my shift. And there’s no other breaks to cover and the person on self check just came in so it is all like perfect timing” and she was just like “well if you want to go early I GUESS”
Every other manager would have 1. Considered this on time and 2. Even if I was early it’s better to be ahead for the breaks than behind???

currently watching a dragon play beat saber with my art in the corner of the screen :dragnsip:

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Now available! :mastodon:

My in-depth comparative review of eight Mastodon apps for iPhone

Please boost (or share on Twitter) 🙏

got lost in Allegria Island on furc (im not used to the new version at all ive played very little with the main maps since the updoot) and found a lil easter egg text

how hard would it be to tackle a dream of 12 year old me and make an evolving pets adopt website on neocities
tried to make one as a kid but couldnt quite comprehend how to get the evolving to work even when i knew the trick, can't seem to find any info on if i'll run into the same problems or not :dragn_think:

food update 

okay a different guy with our actual order showed up and he was like "yeah idk how that happened but we already remade the order so you can keep them" and like. "this is way more than any of us could possibly eat enjoy them with your coworkers or something" and gave them to the driver and the more we told him the details of what happened the more bewildered he became...

(but also when they delivered our actual order we were re-given a soda and extra sauces so hey free soda and sauce)

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ordered pizzas
guy showed up at the door and kept handing me pizza after pizza im like "i didnt realize my dad ordered so many" and he just like laughed and kept handing them to me
i set them down and actually read the boxes.
theres TWO separate orders. neither of them are ours. The receipt is from a third totally different person.

the only thing that matches our order is the soda and exact number of extra sauces we requested.
What is Happening.

i saw these mlp toys with sunglasses and lost all control.

eyestrain/flashing glitter graphix youve been Warned

i griped and whined so much about the lack of brushables in g4 but if the g5 non-brushable toys keeps being these super posable cute figures I'm fine with that
i have one of the first wave of articulated g5 ponies and I never knew how much i needed a mlp toy with 5 point articulation until now (well mine has 7 because i got one of the pegasi and her wings move independently of each other but yaknow)

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the rest of my internet stayed in tact but i did dc a pokemon card match right when lightning flashed so make of that what you will

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Death Notes on Camp: Repurposing a classic

While Death Note might not hold up as a dark thriller about the human condition, it's a pretty good time as camp melodrama

fastest furs started! the art i made is their donate button on twitch right now lmao!

"huh was that thunder" i say hearing a strange noise above the podcast im listening to. i glance out the window to see a bunch of lighting :dragnsip:

love is digging through your shelves of old games so you can rescue your sister who is playing through PMD sky for the first time ghfjkdfghkd

finally tried out the new bath stuff i got on sale the other day i smell so nice

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