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I forgot to pin the last one of these I made and now I can’t find it so!
Commissions! Emoji! :ds_pog:
I offer two styles. The first is based off of the general circle face emoji and use a base. I offer a “starter pack” That’s two for $35 and it’s $20 for each additional expression.

The other style is a more complex emoji without using a base, like the kind popular on twitch these start at $45 each and have deals for buying multiple at once. $120 for 3 and $200 for 5. This includes multi part emoji that fit together to make a longer image.
All payments are currently via PayPal

I also take tips on ko-fi and if you include a simple or silly request on any tip $6 and higher I’ll draw it! Full terms on my ko-fi page

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the only things i think about are:
video game
And Thats it!

A bunch of rp blogs on tumblr are tagging all of their posts as unreality and I mean the thought is nice but I don’t think that’s necessary or even using that term correctly

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Oh wow they are gonna stop making the Pokémon card borders yellow in the English releases

"wow how is it so late already?" i say forgetting i didnt even get home until half past midnight

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Uk spy cops 

The British spy police infiltrated groups advocating against racism. Peaceful groups that were not even suspected of breaking any laws.

They stole the identities of dead children.

They got into long term relationships with women who they had children with. Until they faked their own deaths and vanished suddenly.

Their behaviour was absolutely shocking and was not lawful. The Tories responded by increasing the scope of how police are allowed to act.

Read more about them:

Thats who raspberry pi, the beloved teaching platform, hired.

Id miss you terribly but I often wonder if it would be better to be raised by your own kind instead of a fumbling octopus?

Darn I had the games awards steam webbed site open while at work just in case I’d win and I didn’t and also overheated my phone

splatoon drama (for lack of a better term?) 

i can not believe literally like the day after i was complaining to a friend that you cant block someones posts from showing up in your plaza someone had to like call out pearlwoomy and now literally everyone is drawing her character and im like
i feel like so many of her selfship posts are like just on the verge of being fetish-y without actually going there and a lot of them are like inftantalizing towards the characters involved and i just dont like seeing them and shes ALWAYS in my plaza
and now i also have to deal with everyone drawing fanart of her like can we go back to drawing animals

okay so the neighbors directly across the street have this sweet lil girl, and also probably one of the largest TVs ive ever seen that faces directly towards the windows. every time i look out my window there is an alarmingly strong chance i get to witness some kids cartoon in surprising clarity.
I was just tending to my pea plants and i caught a glimpse of some other little neighborhood kid who was clearly walking a dog but had stopped to watch the show playing through the window. hgfjdkhgkd

Waaaaaugh I’ve been checking the auction every free moment at work I can get but someone sniped it while I wasn’t looking

i am learning in real time that people are using discord for image hosting

huh. it just occurred to me that when i lived up north there were lots of churches with bells thatd go off every hour but i dont think ive heard a single church bell since moving to the south???

tossed a couple of controllers/accessories on my wishlist hopefully before my family already bought gifties for me and man
they sure do make some controller Shapes huh

Barclay isn't my fav of the Dappervolk witches (team mycel ftw) but seeing people call him like "baby" "toddler" "small child" over and over and its like so literally infantalizing its driving me up a wall. I'm going to become a barclay defender. hes a magic college dropout not a two year old!!

do you ever pause your video/music/etc to do one (1) task and then forget to turn it back and just sit in silence

in the desert at night it can sometimes get below frezing temperatures!

I couldnt find the info at a quick glance does anyone know if the Rusty Lake folks used to do room escapes on newgrounds? from what little bit ive seen their room escape games have a vibe i associate greatly with specifically flash based room escape games

people really did go "fuck you clip studio dont ever put an image generator in your program" to "tee-hee look at this app that turns your face into an anime girl!" in under 24 hours huh

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"I never expected you to be so... human," said the hunter, softly, as she laid eyes on the magnificent needlework that decorated the lair.

The dragon snorted. "And I did not expect you to be so... dragon. To appreciate the tenderness and eye for detail with which these things were made."

"But the legends say dragons are naught but beasts, bloodthirsty and cruel...."

"Funny. Our legends say the same about humans."

I genuinely thought advent calendars were a neopets thing until I was in highschool

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