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the only things i think about are:
video game
And Thats it!

The folks who make the honey my aunt gave me donโ€™t do online orders so I found a local place who does (with pretty amazing reputation too!) and my order came in so fast I donโ€™t even remember getting a shipping notification!
And I got a free sticker

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friendly reminder that rawr means i love you in dinosaur

so one of the actual fun twitter memes going around is going to this page and seeing what words were first printed the year you were born and my year (1995) has some incredible highlights such as:
anti-spam, bridezilla, click-through, digital versatile disk, e-collar, e-tail, GENDERQUEER????, livestream, noob, USB, webcast, and wiki

animal messes, gross but kinda funny 

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cartoon network announced a crossover episode for Victor & Valentino and Villainous and im gonna be real
the last time i heard of villainous some of its staff were speaking out about horrible work conditions and lack of pay so i thought it was just like. unpopular'd to death

people... are like digimon.... we gain experience and learn through our lives and re-incorporate that into ourselves and in doing so we can change in appearance and/or name, often to drastic degrees.... yeah

the cat has hissed at seemingly nothing a few times in the past week. do we got like... a spirit visiting or something????

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Autumn :dragn_owo: echoed
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Autumn :dragn_owo: echoed

ASCII a stupid question, get a stupid ANSI.

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