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I forgot to pin the last one of these I made and now I can’t find it so!
Commissions! Emoji! :ds_pog:
I offer two styles. The first is based off of the general circle face emoji and use a base. I offer a “starter pack” That’s two for $35 and it’s $20 for each additional expression.

The other style is a more complex emoji without using a base, like the kind popular on twitch these start at $45 each and have deals for buying multiple at once. $120 for 3 and $200 for 5. This includes multi part emoji that fit together to make a longer image.
All payments are currently via PayPal

I also take tips on ko-fi and if you include a simple or silly request on any tip $6 and higher I’ll draw it! Full terms on my ko-fi page

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the only things i think about are:
video game
And Thats it!

tumblr desktop now as singing frogs activated by number keys

man i keep forgetting twitch got rid of hosting for a while i was watching gdq with the fastest furs or rpg valkyries chats u-u

Not ppl saying “Delicious in Dungeon” as a title is a bad job by the localizers when that wasn’t a localizer who came up with that (it was the subtitle on the cover in the first few Japanese releases)

What did I do to make my stomach so upset two days in a row

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- Dolphin is not a party into any of this. Valve's ToS likely allows them to take down anything for any reason they want. There's no counter claim process or anything like this.

- Valve could have decided to ignore Nintendo with ~ no liability. They decided to just do whatever they were asked, and that's not surprising given they initiated contact in the first place.

- Dolphin probably has no recourse here to get any other outcome from Valve, but also no particular risk or liability.

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Hm hm hm! I just heard that the Starbucks in the target I work at is getting a big shipment of pride cups and they are going right in front of the store and they are gonna put the security devices on em that beep if they get shaken too hard lol
Also learned one of the team leads is a lesbian. Neat

totk story quest spoilers 

just learned, days after i completed the spirit temple, that you can just clear up the storm by solving puzzles in the ruins below. i just... i thought it was just an environmental hazard

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If your solarpunk utopia does not accommodate disabled people, or if you think disabled people are an obstacle in achieving your solarpunk utopia, then your solarpunk utopia is ecofascist.

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hey if you ever had a facebook account you should get in on this class action lawsuit against them for data privacy badness facebookuserprivacysettlement.

oooh i was right in my plot connections this is Very Cool

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my second dot on peridot grew up and ive been getting breeding requests for them literally all day.
the dual archetype plus the more "unique" color for kintsugi type dots seems to be a big appeal
though now theres gonna be a bunch of little purple kintsugi fellas running around from the look of things

huh wow chances are getting increasingly likely of the stanley cup coming here
and by here i mean "i pass the panthers arena on the way to work" here

you ever just like look at portable minidisc players? they went absolutely buck wild while designing those things.
some peak y2k blobject colored plastic fake gemstone shape stuff going on. with just about any theme of design printed on the front you could think of and even ones with a removable clear cover so you could put your own design on it.

totk spoiler shitpost 

do you think mineru and zelda ever explored each others bodies

i am putting pieces together plotwise in totk and hooting and hollering

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Hey all! The wonderful people at Gallery Nucleus reached out to help during my cancer treatment!

You can use the code 'MONA4ART' to get 20% off all my pieces until May 31st, this would really help me out if you can swing it!

All of the new bright green growths on this plant grew after I repotted it! I’m so happy

think i stumbled into endgame loredump cutscenes not even halfway through the game lol

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