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the only things i think about are:
video game
And Thats it!

a lot of ppl are talking about stardew for some reason and it reminded me i needed to get my mods in order on my new pc... only to remember all of the mods that make the player character furry are super broken
HOWEVER using some animal themed accessory mods i was able to make an approximation of what my farmer used to look like!
now its ready for whenever i feel like playing (unless things break again)

everyone talks about the rune factory 4 gender selection prompt but no one talks about how the event that triggers the postgame story is completely and utterly random when you get it
that game is so wacky i cant wait for 5

body image 

I think an interesting, if perhaps bleak, thing to look into is like a comparison of furcadia dreams to roblox... worlds? Levels? Idk what they are called but both games have such a vastly different approach to UGC and like furc is hanging in there but man if they REALLY needed the funds there is a dark path they could have gone down huh

Heard a DuckDuckGo ad on the radio on my way home from work??? ??

the bulbasaur apology in the credits noooo

man i want the geoguesser and tilt controls shirts so SO badly but idk if i can afford it :<
i wish they also offered tank tops for those designs

I’m waiting for my ride and twitch is just not loading but I saw they were doing prizes so hopefully I won’t miss much

I check Twitter on my break and people are doing 2015 tumblr asexuality discourse. Bleak

Mortis Ghost tweeting about wanting a sonic adventure world in a ps2 kingdom hearts is the highlight of my day so far

Autumn :ds_pog: echoed

ive joked before about how you can say literally anything about homestuck and people will believe you.
theres a post going around right now on tumblr where someone claims that the "blorbo from my shows" meme is from homestuck and people are just. believing it. people are saying the meme is ruined because its homestuck.
buck. wild.

Sometimes at work they play that one she wolf song that goes awooooo~ in the chorus and every time my most pure raw instinct is to also awoo
And it takes just so much power and self control not to awoo
(When there’s no customers around I still awoo)

Autumn :ds_pog: echoed

I’m still stuck at work I can’t believe I’m missing stepmania :(

I feel like Madoka Magica could have leaned a little more into how inherently funny magical girls with a shitton of guns is as a concept

Autumn :ds_pog: echoed

why do they call it playoffs when you play on the foot ball off play the on ball?

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