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the only things i think about are:
video game
And Thats it!

i keep forgetting that bee and puppycat lazy in space got leaked and accidentally finding spoilers :dragn_sweats:

remember when someone set up one of those predictive text AIs to write a chapter of harry potter?
youtube recommended me one of the dramatic readings ppl did back when it first dropped and it holds up surprisingly well considering that hp itself does not

i was wanting to do many different things and felt worn out before i could even begin... but then i thought "when was the last time i just emptied my mind and let things come to me?"
The results....

genderqueer scented candles i shit you not target is selling genderqueer scented candles in the dollar area of the store
its blue orchid scented?? the ace and trans candles are coconut creme???
my store doesnt have them yet but oh my god i want to buy these gay little candles??? i dont like that i want to buy the pride candles from the corporation i work part time for but im extremely compelled to do so

looking through the target pride merch because i can not comprehend how surprisingly fun and cute a lot of the designs are and finding that this seems to be the first thing that has sold out. LMAOOOO

me, realizing the goodwill, anime store, and comic shop are all within 5 minutes of each other: :ds_pog:
i mean. i aint got the kind of money to be able to hit up all 3 but yaknow

im pretty sure the standard shipping on IDW's website has doubled in price :dragn_confused: i guess that explains why i fell so behind in my sonic comics

"you cant help people who dont want to be helped" i say, watching my cat repeatedly get his claws caught on the curtains after i already helped him get unstuck moments before

Autumn :ds_pog: echoed

person, innocent and unaware: oh huh i didnt know that digimon and tamagotchi had a connection
me, evil: [writes 5 paragraphs about the origins of digimon, digimon references in tamagotchi and vice-versa, how digimon references OTHER non-tamagotchi vpets bandai made, and more!ℒ️]

ever since i typed the phrase "melon soda boy" it has just been looping in my head
i swear to god if this is the impact i have on the twewy fandom i will lose it

new screenshot from neo:twewy showing sho enjoying a melon soda float leads to entire discord chanting "melon soda boy"

puchipuchi virus also had good designs.

lots of good furries in obscure ds puzzle games

remembering how hard the character designers went on gunpey ds

NOA's twitter dropped the intro to neo:twewy and the song switches genre like 10 times omg...... aaaaaaaaaaah

man i wish there wasnt all this discourse every time theres a wholesome direct
like yeah there are some troubling implications by painting a swath of games with the "wholesome" brush and what that term actually means in context but like
its a collaboration between indie game groups and is on the whole an indie game showcase i dont think its something that people actually need to worry about? at least not to the point of having the exact same discourse every. single. time.

you ever see someone make otherwise very innocent artwork but the fluff they put near the bottom of their character is just. incredibly phallic. and you dont know the other person well so you dont know if you should say anything...

hootin and hollering over finding someone else who played the oboe in school and went out of their way to search for homestuck flute and violin sheet music that was in playable range because transposing is hard
the fact that someone else in the world has had this experience is INCREDIBLE to me. and we met through the twitch chat of a mario golf gba stream

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