You know I joke a lot here, my humor can seem distressed and confrontational at times. Being raised in an anti-homosexual, military, transphobic, pro-gun, non-democratic hate fest of a 'family' has taught me be confrontational, speak my mind and be who I am; no matter the cost.

I gave up all the bull to be with @AsAbove0SoBelow, sacrificing fake friends and abusive "family" for the one who has my heart. The one who understands me and has stuck with me for almost eleven years now has my love. I would assuredly die for this one.

I love my trans family, my gay besties, the asexuals, the oddballs; I love all y'all!!!

Fight for that object of love.
The existence you deserve.

It's worth everything.💕

when you have no remorse about the fact that you won't puke up your go-gurt for someone else to enjoy 

*My two year old screaming across the house*: MOM WHAT ARE YOU DOIN!!?

*me thinking the upstairs neighbors aren't home *: IM POOPIN!!

Two year old : MAMA POOPIN?

upstairs neighbors: SHES POOPIN.

Ok. Cool. Glad were all on this level now.

Love sounds with Martha Sonders:
How I learned to love valienties day after a nude man in a diaper killed my father with a bow and arrow.

Was dead ass in the middle of telling my grandma how dangerous it is pulling into my driveway (while pulling into my driveway) when someone hit us from behind and squished us into the tree in my front lawn.

Jesus tapdancing christ.

Them: wow you seem way smarter in person.
Me: thanks , I can't spell.

I should probably just go inside. 

Your sign + what's to blame for your problems.

Aries: capitalism
Taurus: capitalism
Gemini: capitalism
Cancer: capitalism
Leo: capitalism
Virgo: capitalism
Libra: capitalism
Scorpio: capitalism
Sagittarius: capitalism
Capricorn: capitalism
Aquarius: capitalism
Pisces: capitalism

d/s, cursed 

10 year old Me: "I love snow! It's so beautiful."

Them: "give it time, you will hate it."

26 year old me : "FUCK YEAH ITS SNOWING!" *kicks open back door to a glorious winter wonderland* "IM SUCH A WHORE FOR SNOW!!!!!"

Sisterhood is vital for everybody if were going to make progress. Men can experience sisterhood, no binary people can experience sisterhood, shit even trees can experience the blessed nature of the maiden the mother and the crone.

It absolutely baffles me that the tune of the
misogynistic first sought out to sclience their mothers as if they were not the roots that brought them exsistance.

So for anyone reading this (trees expecally) I welcome you in my sisterhood.

Dragon Style

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