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What are your favorite articles about transspecies, species dysphoria, or transgender otherkin that were written after 2011?



Doc Watson - House of the Rising Sun

I've always liked this piece, and Doc's version of it using just acoustic guitars and his voice works super well.

clothes, soft 

Angani echoed

relatable kin mood, bad aspect ratio screenshot 

wind, kinfeels, longing 

Бабье Лето - По Муромской Дорожке

This is one of my favorite pieces of music, and responsible for introducing me to Russian music as a whole when I was quite young. Lots of different performances, but I really like this one ^^

Well. I'm still kinda hesitant actually using social media things despite being somewhat active on twitter, but am going to try anyways. Probably will just end up sharing music, but hopefully might meet some interesting peoples too.

Dragon Style

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