Looks like we’re gonna greyhound out to Atlanta. Current plan at least.


I hope you get the chance to do something fun in Atlanta while you're there.


I'm sure there's plenty there, just wasn't sure you get a chance to see it

@001zlnv @anthracite I mean, personally, I'm perfectly content to just hole up in a hotel and stress-eat Chinese food until things blow over, but I... kinda understand if that does not suit Peg's plans. :)


@zebratron2084 @anthracite

Stand out front of some Ted turner building with a bizarrely well drawn card board sign scolding captain planet for failing to stop the hurricanes?

@001zlnv @anthracite Yeah, fuck that guy. >_<

"Hey, kids, you know what's really behind all that global ecological collapse?"

"Um... is it rapacious corporations like yours, and the mandate of capitalism to ignore every factor except for economic growth, Uncle Ted?"

"Haha, no, of course not! IT'S COLORFUL SUPERVILLAINS. Now come here and let me tell you a wonderful story of calculated neo-liberal diversity..."

"Neat-o! Will there be easy answers and zero character development?"

"You bet!"

@zebratron2084 @anthracite

did we decide to make one of the villains constantly do the rubber fetish thing? Yes we did! But ignore that!

@001zlnv @anthracite Ooh, I missed that one! I think I was too young for that to have any "special" meaning when it was originally airing...

@zebratron2084 @anthracite

Dr. Blight totally looks like someone's fetish oc as long as she keeps the horrible burn half of her face covered.

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