Hey, if I wanted to learn a bit about multi-unit tactics, what would be a good game to play?

Ideally either something up to two console generations old (so emulation is easy and solid), or PS4/Mac.

I'm not looking for an exhaustive simulation, just Baby's First Tactics. Ideally with some in-game hand-holding on basic tactical considerations because I know next to nothing...



Are you talking like tactics in general or like people vs tanks vs helicopters?


like, you have a squad of people, and you give them orders, and they fight... assorted shit, really, it'd vary through the game?


Well, old XCom or its remake are both good.
If you don't mind extreme old, crescent hawk's inception, and mega mek will work for the battle tech thing.

Final fantasy tactics is also pretty good though I'm not sure what systems it is on now.

Wasteland and fallout 1&2 are also good tactics rpgs, though they tend to be all human on human/human on monster


I forgot a super obvious one
Shadowrun Returns, it's 5 years old, runs on osx and is really fun!

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